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Saturday, May 1, 2010

At the park

Today mom took me to a nearby park. She likes to walk and get exercise, and she brings me along! We took several pics of me there:

me on my way to the park

me walking

me sniffing...

me resting... what a workout!!

me looking..

mom put me on the playground... i was COMPLETELY against it

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

From this blog we have learned one thing: No matter how hard mom and I try we ARE NOT good at keeping up with blogs. But we will work on it and TRY our hardest to keep up with this one!
Mom said they need to get my feet trimmed :(. Im scared. I think its because whenever I come inside she always has to pull these little spikey weed thingys our of my feet and legs... I hope they don't give me an ugly haircut...


Monday, March 1, 2010

Yesterday, Dad and my younger mom/sister were at a camp. Mom says they were in Miss-i-sip-i. Well, for some time while they were gone, Mom left me in my crate. That made me angry. Instead of barking to get let out, I tried to chew my way out... I didn't exactly get "out" but I chewed my bed to peices... Mom was VERY upset. Instead of putting my big pillow in my crate, she put a towel. A TOWEL! An expected me to sleep on it. Instead, i put my tail in between my legs, put on my cutest puppy face, and stood there. Eventully Mom gave in and put my HUGE pillow in there. My master plan worked after all!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


A few days ago mommy and daddy got some new pellet guns. They use them mainly to hunt squirrels and birds. Yesterday I was outside while dad was shooting at a target. I was barking at something in the front and wanted to come tell him about it, so I ran across the yard. he was looking through a scope and couldnt see me. I darted across the yard at the same time that he shot the gun.... I guess my speed helped my out a little there, keeping me from getting shot. Next time i will have to supervise mommy and daddy better when they have guns, since that was a close one! Now, they won't even LET ME OUT while they are shooting a gun! Hellooooo, they need supervision! Oh well.... my humans are crazy somtimes.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

For my first post on my new bloggie, mom made me post about the weather. Here is it so cold that mom bought me a new LSU sweater for the occasion! I really don't like the cold... I just like snow! Unfortunatly, here in Louisiana we don't get much snow. Whats the point of it being cold if the white stuff don't start fallin' from the sky?

I guess the only reason it's cold is so that we can be lazy. Mom says I act really different in the winter. She says almost all I do is sleep. In fact she got some pretty good pictures of

me sleeping this winter.

This one is me in my brand new, giant pillow mom got me from Cabela's yesterday. She says she knew I would love it!

This is one of me sleeping on a comfy jacket. I guess you can call me lazy, I do love to sleep! Usally im only lazy in the winter...
I gotta go! Its time for a nap! BOL