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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

From this blog we have learned one thing: No matter how hard mom and I try we ARE NOT good at keeping up with blogs. But we will work on it and TRY our hardest to keep up with this one!
Mom said they need to get my feet trimmed :(. Im scared. I think its because whenever I come inside she always has to pull these little spikey weed thingys our of my feet and legs... I hope they don't give me an ugly haircut...


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  1. Hey Buddy! I did not noes you has a bloggie. Bout the hair cuts... Is you mom hassing it done profeshunully? If'n so, no sweat. You will look hawt and walkies will be way more comfy. But don't come over here coz if'n you sees my mom coming at you wif clippers, you had better runs for your life. She will gib you the baddest hair day you has ever had.