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Sunday, January 10, 2010


A few days ago mommy and daddy got some new pellet guns. They use them mainly to hunt squirrels and birds. Yesterday I was outside while dad was shooting at a target. I was barking at something in the front and wanted to come tell him about it, so I ran across the yard. he was looking through a scope and couldnt see me. I darted across the yard at the same time that he shot the gun.... I guess my speed helped my out a little there, keeping me from getting shot. Next time i will have to supervise mommy and daddy better when they have guns, since that was a close one! Now, they won't even LET ME OUT while they are shooting a gun! Hellooooo, they need supervision! Oh well.... my humans are crazy somtimes.


  1. LOL! Keep an eye out for those pellets, they sting! :)

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